Placing Tiles

All tile placements during the game must meet placement criteria. This means that if a tile is flipped later in the game the tiles around it will become unstable as a result. Each tile is interdependent. 

Placement Criteria 

The Tiles

The Cards

Each card brings an element of wicked problems, and of the variable nature of the world into the game. 

Create.  ︎︎︎   Flip.   ︎︎︎  Stabilize.

 Creation Phase

1. Place Starting Pattern

2. Build using the placement criteria

3. Fill any blank areas with greed triangle tiles


Just as problems in the real world arise from the systems that we put in place, the problems in wicked tiles arise from the systems created by each player during the creation phase of the game.

Conflicts arise where players creations touch and those conflicts are dictated by the conflict cards. 


In the stabilization phase players must think ahead when placing tiles in the outer zones so that the next player can make a more complicated placement. 

The final pattern created can then be traded in to replace the tiles lost to destabilization during the round. Players must negotiate to decide where these stabilizing tiles are placed on the board.
Event cards are triggered at the end of each stabilization round.