Meter Spoons

Product Design

1 week 
Individual Design

Project Overview

During this week long project my goal was to find a way to reuse wooden meter sticks that are often thrown out by schools. I wanted to create a product that not only upcycled the sticks but that also had utility and charm.


When I was contemplating how to turn the meter sticks into something new I set several criteria for myself.


Use the existing qualities of the meter stick. (Its metal end caps and printed surface)


Endeavor to create something that holds some relation to the meter sticks original purpose.


Create a useful product not just a decorative object.

The solution I arrived at was to

turn one form of measurement into another.

Form Experimentation

Each spoon was made by laminating three meter sticks together and then milling the center to the correct volume. 
I experimented with different ways of making spoons and different forms that the measuring spoon could take. In the end I found the most consistent way of achieving a precise measurement was to mill the center divot and that the shorter handles were the most comfortable to scoop with. 


This short project was a fun exercise that allowed me to think about how materials can be given a second life. If I were to continue this project I would further my exploration and see how I could create a complete set that includes larger measurements.