Space Horizons 2019 🪐|| 2020 🌍

Conference Planning

2019 || 2020
Graphics designer & lead student organizer

What is Space Horizons?

Space Horizons is an annual conference + workshop that is dedicated to exploring revolutionary space technologies that will shape the future of the industry and seeing what is necessary to make them a reality.


What did I do?
In 2019 I worked to design a set of posters for the conference speakers and to help connect the Brown conference with RISD. In 2020 I took the role of lead student organizer and worked with two other students, Anthony Capobianco and Mani Sarang, to design a unique interactive conference, come up with the conference theme, and contact speakers. I also designed posters and stickers for the 2020 conference which had well over 100 attendees.  



2019 Topics of Discussion 🪐

Synthetic Biology

Chip Satellites || Silicon Satellites

Robotics || AI

Humans in Space


Going to Space to Save Earth

The question that the 2020 conference grappled with was: How can we save Earth by going to space?
The conference was a joint endeavor with the Ivy Space Coalition.
Our challenge was to design a conference that was interactive and high energy.

My Role

As lead student organizer I contacted speakers, developed the conference schedule, and coordinated with the Ivy Space Coalition. I worked along with Anthony Capobianco and Mani Sarang. I also developed the conference theme with the founder Rick Fleeter and created the posters, stickers, and swag for the conference.





Keynote speakers


Short Talks


Interactive Panels


Round-Table Discussions

100 +



Planning Space Horizons allowed me to learn about how to facilitate effective and engaging conversations about the future of Space exploration. The energy, hopefulness, and excitement that was present in the 2020 conference highlighted the core values that fuel space exploration - perseverance, curiosity, and community. It is through interdisciplinary discussions and collaboration that the future of space exploration can take shape, push boundaries, and become a reality.