🎲 Wicked Tiles

Game design

5 weeks

Individual Project

Project Overview

When I was given the challenge of designing a game that tackled problems of a global scale I started by asking myself two core questions: What are the unique strengths of gameplay? and What do “global problems” have in common with one another? Rather than gamifying one specific issue I wanted to find a way to teach players skills that could be applied beyond just gameplay.

Project Goals

My core design goals were to provide players with an emotional and intellectual understanding of wicked problems and demonstrate what it feels like to face and overcome complexity. With this game, I wanted to teach players to communicate and think ahead but to also find beauty in complexity.

Ideation, Development & Playtesting

My first challenge was to develop a game system that resulted in interconnected and interdependent pieces.

Each aspect of the game would need to be built upon the previous so that choices made by the players would affect the overall stability of the board.
I came up with a tiled based system centered around a hexagon. Each shape can only be placed if it is touching certain other pieces. If one piece is destabilized or removed it results in a cascade of destabilization

The complexity offered by this system is two-fold.

1. The tiles relationship to other tiles

2. The tiles specific geometry.